How do I pay my Bills


You can pay us using for credit card or online transfer to fibercity account. Let us know.

Understand My Bill

Your monthly bill will be available every end of the month. The billing cycle is from the 1st to the end of the month. It will be composed of current charges, part-period charges and other charges, if applicable.

Current charges are charges that you expect to see month to month which may include broadband plan, CCTV, TFC and other service-accounts you signed up for Fibercity. This may also include equipment rental and calling plans if you requested them. These normal monthly charges are billed in advance.

Part-period charges are partial month charge to align with the end of the month bill. This cover the period from when your subscription went active, until the end of the current billing cycle. You won’t see these in subsequent months unless you add another subscription to your account.

Other Charges O are one-time applicable that cover items such as purchased hardware, shipping and promotions. You shouldn’t expect to see these in subsequent months unless you purchase additional hardware etc. If you have questions, please contact our customer service team on 0800 828 880 or email


  • Bank transfer:

    If you wish to pay by bank transfer (online or in branch), our Westpac bank account number is 03-1730-0056908-000. Please ensure that your Account Number (AC202xxxxxx) is used as your reference.

  • Direct Debit:

    You can opt to pay by direct debit monthly on the 20th of each month. To set up a direct debit, please get in touch thru: