What will I have to pay when getting fiber?

At Fibercity, our pricing plans vary depending on the broadband speed you choose and any additional services you require. Here's what you can generally expect to pay when getting fiber:

Broadband plan: The cost of your broadband plan will depend on the speed you choose, as well as any data caps or other restrictions that may apply. At Fibercity, we offer a range of broadband plans to suit different needs and budgets, with prices starting from as low as $59 per month.

Modem or router: You'll need a modem or router to connect to our fiber network, and this may be provided by Fibercity or you may need to purchase your own. If you need to purchase your own equipment, this will be a one-time cost.

Installation fee: There may be an installation fee for connecting your home to our fiber network. This fee varies depending on your location, but typically ranges from $99 to $199.