I share a driveway with my neighbours?

If you share a driveway with your neighbors and want to get Fibercity internet service, there are a few things to consider:

Fibercity's installation process: Fibercity will need to install equipment, such as an ONT box and cabling, to provide the internet service. The installation process may require access to the driveway, so it's important to coordinate with your neighbors to ensure that they're aware of the installation and any necessary access to the shared driveway.

Potential property damage: Depending on the specifics of your driveway and property, there may be a risk of damage to the driveway or other property during the installation process. It's important to discuss this with your neighbors and Fibercity to ensure that everyone is aware of the potential risks and how they will be addressed.

Sharing costs: If the installation process requires work to be done on the shared driveway or other shared property, you may need to discuss and agree on how the costs will be shared between you and your neighbors.act Fibercity's technical support team for assistance.